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Our readers turn to The Independent for news about their community and to stay informed and abreast of the myriad of balls, galas and non-profit events that happen in Our Town every year. Our pages are filled with photos of the people who participate in our community through their support of the arts, area cultural institutions, local and national non-profit organizations, and fundraising events. They are the people who leave their mark on the City through their volunteer efforts and their philanthropic support. They give our City its heart and soul.

Readers are also given an opportunity to read about entertainment and dining and to keep up with the lives of their friends and neighbors. They also have a chance to support advertisers who, by including The Independent in their advertising plans, target the needs and wants of influential, active and civic-minded citizens.

Subscriptions carry the publication across the nation and to many points overseas. In the Greater Kansas City area, The Independent is delivered to paid subscribers by mail and is available at select newsstands throughout the city. Pass-along readership is substantial because The Independent is frequently read by several members of a household and their friends. Additionally, a large number of the subscribers are professionals, so many copies find their way into the offices of doctors, dentists, lawyers, and members of corporate and non-profit boards of directors. More than 27,000 people read The Independent every two weeks.

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