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The Pembroke Hill School

It’s a Wrap 
The Pembroke Hill School recently celebrated May Day, and students enjoyed dancing and wrapping the May Pole.
Also featured in the June 28th issue of The Independent 

Arianna Lane, Samantha Jones, Tristan Threatt, and David Heddens

(Clockwise from back) Remley Grant, Ava Wolff, Audrey Alpert, Berlyn Bartelli, Ellen Feiock, and Kellyn Miller

Joshua Rubel, Garrison Hill and Quinn Benson held the May Pole steady.

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Betsy Sharp Lynch

Rising Star Reflections 
Betsy Sharp Lynch is a member of the Rising Stars, Class of 2014. Betsy enjoys volunteering at Amethyst Place, the Volunteer Attorney Project, The Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri, Habitat for Humanity, Read Across America, Happy Bottoms, Harvesters, and the Association for Women Lawyers of Greater Kansas City. Betsy enjoys going to football games, watching college basketball and taking her children to the zoo.

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In the Spotlight

Symphony Ball, “The Sun, the Moon and the Stars”
Sarah and Landon Rowland are the honorary chairmen, and Pamela Fleischer is serving as the chairman of The Symphony League’s Symphony Ball, “The Sun, the Moon and the Stars,” to be held on September 6th.

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The Linda Hall Library

Back to the Books
The Linda Hall Library’s 12th annual Paul D. Bartlett Lecture was held on May 13th. More than 350 guests enjoyed the event that featured Harvard University’s Dr. John Huth, author of The Lost Art of Finding Our Way. 
Also featured in the June 28th issue of The Independent 
Photo Credit:  Mark McDonald

Marilyn Hebenstreit and Dr.

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Kristina Klug

Warm Welcome
Kristina Klug has been a familiar face on the Country Club Plaza for 16 years. With a 22 year professional background that includes Mister Guy, Ralph Lauren, Harold’s, and Tiffany & Co., Kristina has recently selected VanBrock to continue her career in luxury retail. Kristina chose VanBrock because she believes it provides an exclusive experience to discerning customers.

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