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Charlotte Opal Thompson

Maigan and Hayes Thompson of Nashville, Tennessee, welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Charlotte Opal Thompson, on September 9th. She weighed seven pounds, five ounces, and was 21 inches long. Charlotte has blue eyes and brown hair. Her delighted grandparents are Barb and Webster Thompson of Our Town and Diane and Ron Shanks of Delano, Tennessee. Charlotte’s great-grandparents are Prudence Thompson of Overland Park, the late Mr. Hoyt Thompson, Mrs. Albert Watkins, Jr.

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Millie’s Event Designs

Insider Tip
Lisa Jones, Millie’s Event Designs; has great tips for planning events. Lisa advises that it is important to make sure that everyone involved with an event has a clear understanding of the budget very early in the planning process. She says that it is also critical to determine if the budget is realistic.
Also featured in the February 22nd issue of The Independent 

Amelia “Millie” Jones with her mom Lisa.¬†

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Lynn Price

Spotlight on Centurions
Lynn Price is a member of the Centurions Class of 2015. She serves on the steering committee and is a member of the “Wildcard” Task Force. Lynn is a manager of the legal department and a principal of Terracon Consultants. She is a captain for a Polar Plunge team for the Special Olympics of Kansas, and a supporter of Reconciliation Services. She and her husband, Todd Jacobs, have a son, Jack.

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Boots & Bow Ties

The Coterie Theatre
Boot scoot on over to Boots & Bow Ties on June 28th on the Crown Center Square. The Coterie Theatre will celebrate 35 years of professional theatre for young audiences with drinks, dinner and a country cabaret. Beth Ingram, Laurie and Chip Ingram and Jill Ingram Reynolds are the honorary co-chairmen, and Johyne Hamra is serving as the chairman.

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Warm Welcome

Diane Lees Event
The National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial welcomed Diane Lees, United Kingdom’s Imperial War Museums; on January 10th for a day at the Museum. Museum Trustee Brad Bergman donated a tail assembly fin from a French Breguet XVI B2 Bomber.

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