I On Philanthropy

Annie Hellweg

Annie Hellweg is a treasured volunteer at Variety of Greater Kansas City and Young Variety. She was the co-chairman of the marketing committee for the 2014 Variety Show and co-chairman of marketing and public relations for Young Variety. Annie is the public relations coordinator at Populous, a sport and convention center architecture firm in the River Market.

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Brent Wilson

Brent Wilson is a managing director at CBIZ and leads the non-profit practice and audit department. He is a member of the Centurions, Class of 2014. Brent and his wife, Jennifer, have two sons, Quin and Luke. Brent serves on the boards of Westridge Christian Church, the University of Missouri – Columbia School of Accountancy, The Research Foundation, the Missouri Society of CPA’s, and the Show-Me Christian Youth Home.

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Symphony Ball

Symphony Supporters
The Symphony League’s Symphony Ball, “The Sun, The Moon and The Stars,” will be held on September 6th. Kathy and Mario Scaglia were the hosts of a recent gathering at the Sulgrave Regency where members enjoyed lunch and assembled Ball invitations.¬†
Also featured in the August 9th issue of The Independent 

Karen Hardcastle displayed the beautiful invitation.

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Lauren McCarthy

Rising Star Reflections
Lauren McCarthy is a Rising Star, Class of 2014. Lauren works in public relations for the McCarthy Auto Group. She is a proud supporter of Catholic education and sits on several boards at Avila University. Lauren was the co-chairman of Avila’s 37th Annual Steer Dinner and Auction. She is also a member of Young Variety and a board member for the Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Kansas City. Lauren was the first female chairman of the KC Auto Show in 2014.

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Dustin “Jensen” Adams

Dustin “Jensen” Adams is a member of the Centurions, Class of 2014. Jensen works for the Kansas City Public Schools in a newly created role as the districtwide Energy and Sustainability Manager. For the last decade, he has worked with federal, state and local government and regional energy utilities to administer innovative energy-efficiency programs.

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