Gould Evans – STEAM Studio

Gould Evans was the site for the November 18th Open House at the STEAM Studio. Guests experienced the hands on workshops that area children, ages kindergarten through 12th grade, take part in on school field trips. The Studio was created in partnership with Gould Evans and Founder Mandi Sonnenberg, an education professor at Rockhurst University.

Principal Jane Sullivan, Saint Agnes Catholic School; spoke to the guests about how her students have benefited from the school’s partnership with the STEAM Studio.
Kate Ward, Emily Harrold, Gould Evans; and Jean Stoverink, Gould Evans
Julie Pierce, Dennis Strait, Doug Everhart, and Jon Lee
David Reid, Gould Evans; and Founder Dr. Mandi Sonnenberg, STEAM Studio (out of camera range) Matt Gunter, Gould Evans

Additional photos also featured in the December 12, 2015 issue 
Photo Credit: Nicki Griffith Photography