Kansas City Ballet Guild – Nutcracker Luncheon

December 13th was the date for the Kansas City Ballet Guild’s Nutcracker Luncheon. Susannah Sotos served as the host of the lovely gathering held at Carriage Club. Guild President Mark Sappington welcomed current members and their guests.

Larry F. Levenson  R sm-22
 Dan Sullivan, Jessica Roark and George Langworthy
Larry F. Levenson  R sm-49
Larry Burks, Kimberlee Ried and Bob Myers
Larry F. Levenson  R sm-52
Donna Davis, Karen Jordan, Kansas City Ballet; Mark Sappington, Guild president; and Dr. Marie McCarther
Larry F. Levenson  R sm-68
Tess Merriman, Margaux Merriman, Lauren Merriman, and Mattie Merriman

Additional photos featured in the February 4, 2017 issue
Photo Credit: Larry F. Levenson