Kansas City Young Matrons – 100 Years of Fashion: 1917-2017

April 17th was the date for Kansas City Young Matrons’ 100 Years of Fashion: 1917-2017, a centennial-themed program for members and guests. Popular music from each decade accompanied runway models, who wore historic fashions and accessories.

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Lesli Lundquist, Cyndi James, Nina Hollabaugh, Lee Harizanoff, Randi Pereira, Terry McGhie, Susie Womack, Kathy Kane, and Mary Beth Hershey
Toni Simmons, Pam Stephenson, Joni Siplon, Bev Carlton, Lundy Joyce, Caylee Valentine, Dee Killough, and Joni Etherington

Additional photos featured in the May 27, 2017 issue
Photo Credit: David Remley