Kansas City Young Matrons – Centennial Honoring Luncheon

The Kansas City Young Matrons celebrated 100 years on June 10th with a Centennial Honoring Luncheon at the Clubhouse. Past Presidents Cindy Price and Nina Hollabaugh served as event co-chairmen. Sue von Geyso and Susie Womack are the Centennial co-chairmen. The organization was founded on September 14, 1917. 

Kathy Anton, Darleen Beller and Sally Townley with Sue von Geyso, Centennial co-chairman
Bonne Illig, Bette Monson, Carolyn Patterson, Peggy Dunn, Mary Pat Fruin, Sue Gencarelli, Linda Weber, and Cindy Price, event co-chairman
Nina Hollabaugh, event co-chairman; Peggy Dunn, Linda Ehinger, and Peggy Jones
Sue von Geyso and Susie Womack, Centennial co-chairmen

Additional photos featured in the August 5, 2017 issue 
Photo Credit: Roy Inman