KC CARE Clinic – Simply Bloom

KC CARE Clinic’s Simply Bloom was held on May 6th at the Firestone Building. Steve Stroade and Danny Ng were the honorary chairmen, and Tom Nagel, Abby Albers, Doug Albers, and Kiran Ross served as co-chairmen of the “Garden Party” themed-event. A Patrons’ Party was held on April 27th at R24 Studios.

Catherine Ward-Bopp and Bethany Turner
Julie Anderson Clark and Vince Clark
Jonathan Bowyer and Lauren Reece
Katie Campbell and Stacey Lukas
Models Craig Cook, Victoria Gevorkov, Audrey White, and Lincoln Brown
Jared Horman, Kellen Whaley, Ryan Neeland, Taylor Gozia, Chad Alexander, and Josh Dampf

Additional photos featured in the June 10, 2017 issue
Photo credit: J. Robert Schraeder Photography