KidsTLC – Open Pairings Party and Golf Tournament

The KidsTLC’s Open Pairings Party and Golf Tournament was held on July 16th and 17th at Topgolf and Shadow Glen, respectively. Proceeds support KidsTLC’s healing community that provides services for mental health, autism and homeless outreach to teens. 

1 girls PP
Heidi Thummel, Heather Ferris, Tawn Nugent, and Jessica Groce
1a girls PP
Jessica Groce, Tawn Nugent, Heidi Thummel, and Heather Ferris
2 Putnams Charlesworths
Dave Toussaint, Anne Putnam, Jim and Vicki Charlesworth, and Bart Putnam
3 Mertz
Donna and Tom Mertz
4 Alderson
Kevin Alderson enjoyed a day of great golf.
5 Seacrest Alderson Sullivan
Jim Seacrest, Barry Sullivan and Kevin Alderson
6 Wittrock Kijow Wooten Blount
Brent Wittrock, Michael Kijowski, Charlie Wooten, and Marshal Bount kept their eyes on the ball.

Additional photos featured in the September 16, 2017 issue of The Independent
Photo Credit: J. Robert Schraeder Photography