KVC – Gala on Fire

KVC’s Gala on Fire was held on November 18th at the historic Firestone Building. The ladies of VanBrock, Bonne Illig, Kim Stevens, Debbie Douville, Kristina Klug, Lenise Ward, Lauren Hunt, and Ashlee Bressel, served as the co-chairmen for the third year. Partygoers enjoyed electrifying performances by Benjamin Warner and Michael Turno, Atlantic Express and a special performance by Moondrop Circus.

GALA 2016 18
Kathy and Travis Wallace, Michelle Lawrence and Jason Hooper
GALA 2016 17
 Cathy McCaddon and Janet Fitzsimmons
GALA 2016 16
Cynthia Ryan, Pam Gray, Susan Goodman, and Jan Howard
GALA 2016 14
Dr. Vishal Adma and Dr. Jyotsna Adma, both with KVC’s Prairie Ridge Children’s Psychiatric Hospital.

Additional photos featured in the January 7, 2017 issue
Photo Credit: Mark McDonald