Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art – Beyond Beyonds

“DAZZLING!” was the theme of Beyond Beyonds, which took place on April 29th at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art. Guests enjoyed lavish buffets and desserts and live entertainment by Will Matthews’ The Saturday Night Trio. Hundreds of Our Town’s most prominent collectors competed in a live auction for major works of art by regionally, nationally and internationally recognized artists.

Nerman Museum 19
Nerman Museum 18
Tiffany Thompson and May Tveit
Nerman Museum 22
Marilyn Mahoney, Karen McCoy and Grace Suh
Nerman Museum 20
The dazzling desserts!
Nerman Museum 23
Evugh Ohman and Samara Umbral
Nerman Museum 21
Peregrine Honig and Christine Brebes

Additional photos featured in the July 8, 2017 issue 
Photo Credit: Patty Dover and Susan McSpadden