The 68th annual BOTAR Ball

The BOTAR committees recently met to plan the BOTAR Ball, which will take place on October 21st at the Muehlebach Tower of the Kansas City Marriott Downtown.

Image 9
Bob Dillingham, Joey Straube and Anthony Mendolia
Image 10
(Seated) BOTAR President Tracy Tetrick, Hillary Winzenried and Mary Reed (standing) Page Reed, Susan Scott and Kathie Manda
image 11
BOTAR Executive Committee Members: Victoria Launder, Bailey Pianalto, Margaux Merriman, Amy Snively, BOTAR President Tracy Tetrick, Jamie Berg, Kim Aliber, and Courtney Gray
Image 12
BOTAR Executive Committee Members: (Seated) Courtney Gray, Kim Aliber and BOTAR President Tracy Tetrick (standing) Jamie Berg, Bailey Pianalto, Margaux Merriman, Amy Snively, and Victoria Launder

Additional photos featured in the August 19, 2017 issue of The Independent
Photo Credit: Anthony Mendolia