The Children’s Place – Brews & BBQ

More than 250 guests enjoyed Brews & BBQ on March 23rd at Boulevard Brewing Company. Hosted by the Young Advisory Board of The Children’s Place, proceeds support the healthy development of young children who have survived abuse, neglect and trauma.

TCP Brews web3
Eain Lubbers, Jacy Porter and Molly and Andy Heise
TCP Brews web4
Jeremy and Alexa Clark
TCP Brews web1
Young Advisory Board Members: (Front row) Erin Ford, Kat Tinkham, Ellie Gordon, and Alexa Clark (middle row) Tyler Bell, Stacey Shultz, Theresa Powers, Margaret Waggoner, and Mary Jean Schrader (back row) Austin Gideon, Martin Williams, Tiffani Pearson, Katherine Lee, president; and Kyle Waggoner (out of camera range) Erin Bleakley, Blair Gentile, Blake Goodman, Kindel Kaelke, Sean Power, Timothy Ross, Kendra Samer, Jenny Swafford, and Emily Wellner

Additional photos featured in the April 29, 2017 issue