Wayside Waifs – Strutt With Your Mutt

Nearly 1,500 dogs (and their companions) dodged the raindrops to raise a record $185,000 on September 17th. The event was the 27th annual Strutt With Your Mutt, which was held in the lovely Brookside neighborhood. The Fairfax Four performed. Proceeds benefit the homeless animals at Wayside Waifs.

Wayside, Strutt, online 1
The annual Waif Alumni photo featured the dogs and their loving human companions.
Wayside, Strutt, online 4
This Weimaraner and his human companion Strutted all morning.
Wayside, Strutt, online 6
Emma Price and Abby Hunt, top individual fundraisers (Yes, they’re also the youngest fundraisers!)
Wayside, Strutt, online 2
The Ameristar team
Wayside, Strutt, online 5
Lindsey Mihal, Holly Mihal and Ruth Brackney, board member; with their furry friends
Wayside, Strutt, print 10
This Basset Hound was just one of the dogs who enjoyed the Strutt.
Wayside, Strutt, online 3
Karen Gortenburg, Candy Brown, Dianne Siegel, and Tracy Lewandowski, volunteers; with well-behaved dogs in search of homes (Hint! Hint!)

Additional photos featured in the October 14, 2017 issue of The Independent
Photo Credit: J. Robert Schraeder Photography